Client Stories in Their Own Words

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Jamie is amazing! My daughter is a competitive high school archer and she was having muscle spasms in her shoulder that forced her to sit out of her sport for several weeks leading up to the National Archery Tournament. We tried traditional PT and she felt ok for a day or so but the pain returned when she tried to shoot. Jamie quickly identified my daughter's problem source and treated it with immediate positive results noticed in decreased pain level and increased movement in the shooting shoulder. My daughter made it to Nationals and shot her personal best score. My daughter has felt such pain relief after every session that she continues to see Jamie for treatment a couple of times a month for other problem areas. Jamie is knowledgeable and compassionate and I recommend her to everyone.

Amy Daily Ellis

As an Ironman athlete I have struggled with tight hip flexor and glutes that perform less than optimal. After my second session I left feeling sore but knew things were starting to fire and was excited to see how my overall performance would improve. After an easy 30 min swim I jumped on the bike planning an easy 40 min flush ride, after 10 min my power number was higher than normal and I was feeling good so I decided to push the session and see how I responded! Absolutely blown away how strong I felt and could tell things were working like never before! 70 min later the power number was proof I was functioning like never before. Jamie will be a staple in my healthcare team as I move forward and look forward to seeing what this soon to be 50 year old body is capable of in 2018 with proper function.

John Sorochinsky

Jamie came highly recommended by a specialist while I was getting treatment for back pain. I had endured 8 months of pain from a bulging disc and even got an epidural shot to help with things. Jamie was able to work with me over several sessions to alleviate the majority of my pain I was having to a point where I thought I could avoid surgery. She is a true unicorn in her field and her expertise and professionalism are amazing. I am truly thankful for what she has done for me and I would do anything to promote and recommend her services. A++

Robert Tyree

Y’all!!!! Have you ever heard of dry needling? Well me either until recently. I workout often and stay active. I have been lucky to not have issues. Well a few weeks ago I started having knee pain. To the point where I had to take two weeks off from the gym. I made an appointment with Functional Dry Needling by Jamie today. She exceeded all my expectations. She is very thorough and figured out the issue within minutes. This girl knows her stuff. She helped me setup a plan to recovery. Thank you Jamie!

Whitney Wampole Ganser

I suffered with a tight shoulder that inhibited most daily tasks. Some things like lifting a pot or drinking hurt. Doing any lifting in CrossFit was impossible. After 2 treatments from Jamie, and I was doing muscle ups and cleaning more than ever. Now I can't imagine not using her for continued maintenance befor small problems become big issues. Just this year I even trusted her to help me with a nagging hamstring. I have never let anybody touch my legs for I am a runner and cyclist. This was a big step for me but let me tell you the last two weeks have been PRs with squats and running and no pain. Thank you not only for treating the pain areas but teaching me more about how I can prevent future injuries and make me better all around.

Anthony Miller

If you have not have dry needling done you need to. I have never felt so great. I carry all my stress in my shoulders and next and I am always tense and have tones of knots, (I work two jobs, one in the medical field and one on the restaurant) I have seen Jamie twice and can't wait to see her and the end of the month.

Andrea Smith

...and more happy client stories

If you've ever suffered from any type of chronic pain, you know we always get to a point where we say, "I'll try anything!" I have had low back pain for years and had somewhat resigned myself to the fact that it would always be there. UNTIL I met Jamie! I've literally spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic care and deep-tissue massages to only gain temporary relief. I was apprehensive at first, because, well, needles! But after only several months working with Jamie, for the first time in I don't know how long, I find myself without chronic pain in my low back. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her more highly!

Beka Dean

As a nurse and avid Crossfit athlete, I am always taxing my body’s limits. In 2017, I suffered a career ending lower back injury. I was in constant pain. Exercise was impossible; simply walking was a chore. Functional Dry Needling with Jamie Carver allowed my body to heal without surgery or pharmaceuticals. I’m lower back PAIN FREE. Currently, I continue to utilize dry needling for maintenance health and injury prevention.

Amy Boyter Milam

Between life and lifting, I’ve managed to get some kinks in my muscles. The worst was a pain in my neck (literally) that I suffered through for TWO years. When I was finally convinced to go see Jamie, it only took ONE appointment for the pain to decrease and TWO appointments for it to go away completely! I still find myself surprised when I’m able to turn my head all the way or wake up without horrible pain running down my neck and shoulder. Thank GOODNESS for Jamie! These results completely sold me on dry needling and Jamie’s expertise. I can’t help but get excited for my appointments because I know I will be walking out with less pain!

Anna Abbot

I’ve had chronic pain for over 20 years and believed either surgery or suffering were my only options. 2 days ago, I had my first session with Jamie. I knew this was doing something more than I’d ever experienced, as the needles were literally in all the right places...finally getting to the pain at the source. I’m already amazed at my results and can’t wait till my next session, and even more excited about moving on to the other areas that have caused pain for so long. Thanks, Jamie! See you soon!

Amy Stewart Wasserman

Jamie is wonderful and provides great service!! Walked away feeling great. Thank you Jamie!

Mark Joseph

Jamie is brilliant. She is able analyze the injury, treat the injury, and determine what is the root cause of the injury. I am extremely happy with Jamie and have already recommended her to several friends.

Meghan Eby